Welcome to Cross CCO!

A New Non-Denominational, Multi-Ethnic

Church Plant Coming to the City of Apopka

Pre-Launch Team Meetings

Friday Nights @ 6:30pm

Location: The Pastors Home :-)


Our Pre-Launch Team is a diverse group of sacrificial men and women who are excited about the purpose, mission, vision, and legacy of Cross CCO and are prayerfully committed to making sure our church family is planted in good ground. We are currently putting our faith in action by saturating Apopka, FL with progressive relational and servant evangelism, cultivating ministry alliances and establishing community partnerships. 

If you are interested in joining us on this challenging and rewarding journey, we would like to meet you. 

Please call 407-601-2061 for more details and directions to the Pastors Home.

See below to find out more about us

Our Purpose


To please and glorify God with our lives, 

in our communities and abroad 

with fearless faith, tangible hope, and 

the compassionate ministry of reconciliation.

Our Mission


To equip a diverse people to fulfill the 

Great Commission, follow the Greatest Commandments and live Eternity Focused 

in every area of life and ministry.

Our Vision


To cultivate agape love, amazing grace and biblical truth in and through authentic Christian community until Jesus returns.

Our Beliefs


"Always being prepared to make a defense 

(or give an answer) to anyone who asks you the reasons for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect" (I Peter 3:15)

Our Values


John 13:34, Romans 12 

I Corinthians 12 & 13

The "One Anothers" in the Bible

We can't do any of the above without supernatural AGAPE love, humility, accountability, responsibility, unity, community, collaboration and interdependence.

Our Legacy


Cross CCO Homes for 

Orphans & At-Risk Youth

Find out how you can get involved with 

helping us offer hope and a future 

to orphans and at-risk youth. 

(James 1:27)